About Us

Our Story

We are shirt makers by trade, flyers by hobby. We had made and sold over one million performance dress shirts when we started to receive hundreds of requests from aviators to customize our shirts to meet their rigorous job demands and strict airline standards. We worked with a group of over thirty pilots during a one year span to develop the Flight Uniform. In other words, we married our shirt making expertise with hundreds of years of pilot experience to develop the most comfortable shirt in the skies.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is two fold.


The first is to pilots everywhere. The most under appreciated heroes, we commit to making your life in the cockpit more comfortable at an affordable price. We further commit to delivering your uniforms and products in a timely manner. If we in 30B expect you to get us from JFK to DFW on time, then you should be able to expect the same from us with getting your order to your door in days [not months or years].


The second is to the earth. We use the highest quality recycled materials in our products to reuse and remove single use plastics from our waterways [we know you're more familiar with our airways...]. We have also built our products to be long lasting and durable in their own right.